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Image and music sequence



  • Marcel CEBREROS

    Hello Davide

    I already answered this question here:

    Take a look, ask again if needed.

  • mrcidavies


    As good as HM is it does not natively (yet) have a mutli-asset timeline. I would take a look at Isadora as it is exactly what you need for your project. HM can work with it if you needed the specific HM features.


  • Davide 445

    Thanks both for your availability in commenting.
    Reading a bit the different posts seems HM its not the best fit for current needs, also just one week before the event (having just this weekend to experiment) it's not the right time in switching to something so different.
    Will continue use Millumin and testing so my wife new MacBook Pro that seems to work also with my eGPU, will return back for other opportunities.

  • Léa

    Hi all,

    Thanks for your comments guys, just to add to this topic if someone is looking for info regarding audio, it was also discussed in this post. Davide, sorry to hear that HeavyM doesn't fit your needs for this project, but thanks for the kind words!

    Have a nice day!

  • Davide 445

    Finished the event during whom I started experimenting the shaders of Millumin, finding different limitations - not last my wife MBP didn't support the eGPU I'm using on my Windows laptop so I was limited to very basic 2D effects.
    So interested to evaluate for next time HM, I will need anyway the sequence feature.
    Reading on the forum I got to understand the future 2.8 release seems to contain this feature, wanted to ask if this is confirmed or if not there is any ETA for the delivery.

  • Léa

    Hi Davide,

    In 2.8 there will be the basic possibility to add an audio file on the sequencer and also on each sequence (without any custom settings for the time being).

    We intend to release version 2.8 in June/July.

    Hope that helps, have a nice day.


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