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Text Color



  • rook

    +1 as well as layout flexibility (fit-to-player text paragraph, font styles/bold/italic/etc.), much wanted!

  • Léa

    Hi all,

    Thanks for your suggestions, it's noted!

    Chris Savage, sorry for not commenting sooner but here are a few tips to play with the color of a text:

    • There is no native color parameter indeed, but you can add Shaders on a player to play with the color. For instance, in the built-in library, you can use Duotone.fs, RGB EQ.fs, RGB Invert.fs, among others.
    • You could also play with Blend Modes between groups. For instance, if you put your white text player on a base group and place faces with color effects or even other players with textures in a group above with the Multiply blend mode, it'll seem like the text takes the appearance of the top group!

    Hope that can help.

    Have a nice day!



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