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HeavyM v1 shaders in V2



  • Official comment

    Hi Fabien,

    Unfortunately no, it is not possible to recover the post shaders that were available in the purple panel in HM1 (like Twist, Swell, Convergence). The ISF from the media library are still there though (like Twirl.fs, Choma Zoom.fs, etc)

    Here is how you can use shaders in HM2: Video Tutorial - Shaders

    Hope that helps, have a nice day!

  • Fabien Le Guillarm (Pro)

    Hi Léa,

    Thanks for your answer, and for the links, I actually know how to use and even write shaders, but I liked the one in HeavyM v1 and how they look. With the HeavyM v2 for example, the strobe is difficult to control, and there is no nice Swell. Would you happen to have their source code? I'm happy to contribute converting them to the current format. 



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