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How can I put a countdown to New Year's Dayin my projection?



  • Official comment

    Hi Ginger,

    Thanks for reaching us!

    Sorry, but HeavyM 2 does not currently have a "Countdown" effect or feature :/

    Please, could you just share your question on the Facebook group? Our community may be able to give you some tips for your mapping. and it will help other users who have the same question as you.

    Thank you very much and have a great day!

  • Sam .Warren

    Hi there,

    To implement a live countdown into a map the easiest way i can think of is to use NDI tools Scan converter ( ) to capture a countdown app (plenty available) or browser based countdown which can then be used as a video source in HeavyM.

    Ideally, you should run the countdown in full screen on a different machine/tablet and NDI capture using region of interest setting to crop the window. This lets you have at least a1080p image rather than what ever pixel density it is taking up. Then send it into your heavyM machine on a small local network as that means you're not relying on one machine and it will keep constantly updating with out the risk of being interferred with.

    This way you can use live countdown data rather than relying on your sequence to trigger the start of the countdown video like i think you were wanting to do. You can even keep the sequence looping with the countdown appearing at the end of the sequence or remaining static through out as you are basically treating it as a camera source.

    The only disadvantage to all this is you might not get a full HD 60 FPS image but for something that is mostly static this solution should work.

    I hope this helps you send the new year out in style.

    Sam W


  • Claire

    Hi Sam,

    Great idea, thanks to share it with us :)

    Hope this helps Ginger and other folks!

    Have a great day,


  • Ginger Brown

    Hi Sam, Thanks for this - I'll give it a try!




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